ArcMate Manufacturing Corporation located in Escondido, Calif., sells a variety of reachers & grabbers that are fantastic tools to have in a home.

One: To Reach Items on Top Shelves inside Kitchen Cupboards

If you are too short to reach cans of soup on a top shelf in a kitchen, then it is time to buy a grabbing tool. Climbing on a rickety chair or tall ladder to retrieve items on top shelves inside cupboards can lead to falls that break hip bones, but a reaching tool with a gripping claw makes it easy to pick up an item.

Two: Cleaning Difficult to Reach Surfaces

When you want to clean the blades on a ceiling fan or the tops of doorway frames, you can benefit from using a reaching tool that holds a dusting cloth. This method of cleaning is faster than climbing up a ladder and prevents dangerous falls.

Three: Picking Up Items that are Located underneath Bathroom Sinks

To prevent straining your back muscles, use a grabbing tool to reach to the back of a bathroom storage cabinet that is located underneath a sink. You don’t have to worry about bumping your head or scratching your arms with a simple to use reaching tool.

Four: Reaching Beneath a Dining Room Table

reacher grabber

If you have ever dropped a fork underneath a dining room table, then you know it always rolls toward the middle. The only way to retrieve the eating utensil is by getting on your hands and knees to reach the item. A less embarrassing alternative is using a reaching tool that has a magnetic tip to grab the fork quickly.

Five: Helping with Getting Dressed

When you have problems getting dressed due to bending over or lifting things, an essential way to remain independent is by owning reachers & grabbers. There are many styles of grabbing tools available to help pull up slacks or to put on shoes.

Six: Swatting a Fly on the Wall or Ceiling

If you have ever had a pesky fly in your home that was impossible to swat on the wall or ceiling, then a reaching tool is perfect to hold a flyswatter to hit the insect. After hitting the insect, you can clean the stain with a damp cloth, using the same reaching tool that was ordered from ArcMate.

If you are searching for the best reachers & grabbers on the market, look no further than Arcmate. Reachers, grabbers and other related tools are used for numerous purposes, including with litter clean-up campaigns, improving reach around the house and more. The right products can save you time and energy while reducing the strain on your back, knees and other body parts when you are reaching for something. When you are searching for the best products available for purchase today, you may be focused on finding products that have a reasonable sales price, that meet your needs and that are designed for long-lasting use. When you take a closer look at what Arcmate has to offer, you will see why we have the best grabbers and reachers available today. whyimage3

A Full Range of Quality Products
Some people will use their reachers & grabbers for multiple purposes, but most who are searching for these products have a specific use in mind. Through our website, you can place an order for an extensive range of products that are ideal for most needs. This includes everything from heavy duty grabbers and rigid finger style reachers to collapsible shaft reachers, claw-style reachers and more. Some of these have a very light weight, and others have a shorter or longer length. In addition, there are reachers and grabbers that have a magnet on the ends for ease of use.

Quality Products at a Great Price
Regardless of the type of reachers & grabbers that you are thinking about buying, you want to find durable products that will hold up well to your regular or frequent use. Some of the products available through our website have a warranty available with your purchase, and all are designed with durability in mind. In addition, you will love the affordable prices of our products. We even offer numerous grabbers and reachers that are priced at less than $10.

Whether you are in the market to purchase a bundle of grabbers and reachers for your employees or volunteers to use or you simply want to invest in a reacher for your personal use at home, you can find the products that you are looking for at a great price through our website. Take time to explore all of our products today, and place your order so that you can begin enjoying the benefits that these products provide to you without delay.

Avoid Back Injuries

If you are a janitor or operate a janitorial service with employees, then finding ways to complete tasks faster is essential. Reachers & grabbers are useful tools for janitors who want to avoid bending over or reaching up constantly. Repetitively reaching and bending can lead to back injuries and muscle sprains in the shoulders or arms. You can make janitorial work easier by ordering reaching and grabbing tools from ArcMate located in Escondido, Calif. With great illustrations and full descriptions of products, you can find the reaching or grabbing tool that meets your specific needs.

Reasons to Buy Reachers & Grabbers

One: Picking Up Trash

The safest way for janitors to pick up debris from the exterior and interior of a building is with a claw grip grabber. Not only does this tool help to prevent stress on the back and hips because the janitor does not need to bend over constantly, but it is faster and more sanitary. A janitor does not need to touch the garbage or trash with their hands but can place the item into a trash bag.

Two: Reaching for Cleansers

Keeping cleansers at a high level out of the reach of children and pets is vital but requires a janitor to climb on a ladder or chair to get the item. ArcMate grabbers make it easy to grip a bottle of cleanser that is on a top shelf of a cabinet without the danger of climbing on chairs and ladders. A grabber is also useful for picking up bottles of cleansers from the back of cabinets located underneath sinks to avoid bending over frequently and overextending the muscles in the back.

Three: Cleaning Difficult to Reach Objects

Reachers are the perfect tool to dust ceiling fans or the top of door frames. Janitors can use a grabbing tool to hold a damp cleaning cloth to dust wall ledges or baseboards efficiently rather than needing to sit on the floor, bend over or stretch to reach the objects. Cleaning with reachers means that janitors can complete their job faster, leading to a reduced cost for hourly wages.

Types of Grabbing and Reaching Tools

ArcMate has a large assortment of reachers & grabbers, including:

• Telescoping
• Locking
• Flexible grip
• Claw grip
• Heavy-duty
• Folding

A grabbing and reaching tool for a janitorial service is an affordable tool to order to make cleaning tasks easier for janitors.

If you’re concerned about the litter and trash you see in your community or neighborhood, why not start a litter pickup organization? There are several ways to go about this, but one of the most important things is that you inform as many people as possible about your efforts, so that you can truly make an impact.

How to Recruit


Recruiting people to help with your litter pickup organization is as simple as going door to door, especially if you know the people in your neighborhood well. You can also hang up signs around the community and include your contact information, so that people who are interested can get in touch with you and assist you in your efforts to clean up the neighborhood. Facebook is another way to let friends and family know about your litter pickup organization. If you want to have a meeting to discuss your objectives, let your social media followers know the details of the meeting and ask them to confirm their attendance online. Once you let attendees know that you’re working with Arcmate, you may find that many members of the community with associate your efforts with good, quality work because of the Arcmate name.


14762-NPRV4KOnce you’ve informed people about your anti-litter efforts, you’ll need to compose a mission state and a UVP, or unique value proposition. Those who are working with you need to know exactly what you plan to do to eliminate and prevent litter in the community. If you mention that you have a trusted name like Arcmate on your side, those in the community will know that you’re using quality reachers & grabbers to get the job done. This can help to jumpstart your efforts and make your litter pickup organization more reputable.

Finally, at your actual meeting, make sure you’ve got reachers & grabbers available for everyone to use. You can also customize the event to give people even more incentive to attend. For instance, the kickoff event can be a barbecue or block party, which is a great way for your neighbors to get to know each other while bettering the community. Or, you can organize a game of baseball or football after your cleanup efforts to make the day especially memorable.

If your occupation is janitor work, you know how important it is to protect your back muscles by being able to reach for, grab strongly, and pick up litter and other objects with helpful tools such as janitors reachers & grabbers.
There is an excellent selection of such products available to make your job much easier and quicker. Fortunately, what appears to be simple has excellent benefits that will make your working life more productive and more comfortable.

Here are several examples to consider:

QuickDraw.1Orang-U-Tongs Reacher and Holster

This grabber is made from stainless steel and aluminum, has a plastic handle, and folds in half for easy storage. The Reacher Holster is to store the grabber when it is not in use; it is durable ABS plastic with a nylon webbing strap. You can carry it like a gunslinger or attach it to a riding mower or other vehicle. The total weight of the two is only 15 ounces, and you save more than 10 percent when you buy the combination.

KingTong Pick Up toolGrabberintoPond

This is a professional grade reacher that is very strong and is the premier heavy duty grabber. It comes in a number of varieties for different purposes, is available in lengths of 23, 36 and 44 inches, has a jaw that opens to 4.5 inches, has stainless steel “fingers”, and can handle up to eight pounds.

Mammouth Grabber

With “fingers” that open to 5.25 inches and a depth of 4.5 inches, this is the deepest and widest jaw opening of the available reachers. Its quick action trigger requires very little movement to close the finger end. It is recommended for large light-weight objects such as grabbing paper items such as towels and toilet tissue off a top shelf and for faster pickup of pieces of paper and other litter. The capacity is four to five pounds.

A steel rod is used as linkage for quick trigger action, there are no rubber cups that could come off or need to be replaced, the shaft is lightweight, and there is a simple internal lever action containing few parts so that your Grabber will last long. The strong and angled “fingers” are made of ABS plastic, have an improved grasp, are rust proof, and are easy to clean. Available lengths are 16, 28 and 36 inches.

You are welcome to come and see the extensive collection of janitors reachers & grabbers here at by visiting our website at or by contacting us with any questions you may have. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss these helpful tools with you.

There are many instances when you must reach up high, down low or even far in front of you to access different items. While some stretching may feel good on your muscles, too much stretching and straining can cause aches and pains or worse. In some cases, items may even be too far out of reach that you may give up entirely on reaching them or you may take extreme measures to reach them that ultimately could be dangerous for you. A better idea is to invest in reachers & grabbers. With the right equipment at your fingertips, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of an extended reach without having to risk injury.


Different Types of Reachers and Grabbers to Choose From

If you are like most people, there may be a wide range of objects that you may need to reach for from time to time. For example, one day you may drop the remote control on the floor and may need assistance reaching to pick it up. Another day, you may need to access a box of cereal that is located on the top of the refrigerator or a pair of shoes on the top shelf in the closet. There are various types of reachers & grabbers that are designed to hold different objects. Some can hold heavier items, and some may be more suitable for grabbing onto smaller or larger objects. Because many people will have multiple needs for reachers and grabbers both inside and outside the house, you may consider investing in various types.


When to Use Reachers and Grabbers

These devices are designed to be lightweight and easy to use. Many also have a long, slender designs that makes them easy to store in a relatively discreet area that is still close by. For example, you may keep one stored in the pantry so that you can grab things stored on top of the fridge or on the top shelf in the pantry. You may keep one in the whyimage3corner of the living room so that you can reach books on a shelf or the remote control when it falls. You may also keep one in the corner of your closet to that you always reach things up high in the bedroom or closet. When reachers and grabbers are stored far away, you may simply prefer to take the risk and strain yourself trying to reach for the items. This, however, is something that you may regret doing later. A better idea is to invest in several types of reachers and grabbers to keep in convenient locations around the house. You may even keep one on your patio or in the garage for outdoor use.

Preventing injury, muscle strain and other negative consequences associated with reaching too far is easy to do when you have the right equipment on hand. Take time today to learn more about some of the different types of reachers and grabbers available for purchase. Placing your order for these items is a great way to minimize the chance of being injured in the future.

Keeping your grounds clean is often more work than it seems. It can be time-consuming and exhausting to manually pick up all of the litter that people may drop onto the property or that may blow into your space. Reachers and grabbers provide you and your staff members with a faster, easier way to keep your property in great condition. They eliminate the need to reach down or bend your knees each time you need to pick up a piece of trash, saving you time, energy and effort.use
Different Types of Reachers and Grabbers
There are a variety of reachers and grabbers that can be used for different purposes. Tongs, for example, can be used to pick up larger or heavier items. There are also heavy-duty grabbers, which are ideal for high-use situations. If you or your staff members regularly have large pick-up jobs, such as if you have a large estate or yard that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, the heavy-duty grabbers will hold up well to the intense, repetitive motion.stockvault-full-trashcan132433

How Reachers and Grabbers Are Used Outdoors
Out door reachers and grabbers generally are used to pick debris up off the ground and to place it in a receptable or trash can with use. They can save you time by eliminating the need to bend down. Some of these devices are used to hold a trash bag open, and this can also save time and reduce the hassle of opening and closing a bag. In some cases, trash and debris may be higher up, such as in tree branches or on roofs, and the reachers and grabbers give you the extended reach you need to access those items without jumping or getting a ladder. Some people will purchase these in bulk and will organize large litter pick-up campaigns as volunteer or service projects.

When You Make Your Purchase
If you are ready to make a purchase, consider the type of waste that you or your team will likely be picking up most frequently. Also, consider where the trash or debris will be and how far away from arm’s reach the debris will be. Another factor to think about is how heavy-duty the equipment is. The highest-quality grabbers and reachers may come with a warranty, but it can still be a hassle to replace a product that is under warranty. A better idea is to select a product that is designed to hold up well to the intensity or frequency of use that you plan to put it through.

Reachers and grabbers can make it easier and faster for you to clean up your property. While they are often used outdoors, they also can be used in indoor environments. For example, they can make it easier to clean an auditorium or stadium after a big event. If you are looking for a way to take the time and effort out of cleaning your property, take time to learn more about the different types of out door reachers and grabbers available on the market today.

3 Reasons to choose Arcmate


3 reasons to choose Arcmate

Whether you are planning a litter pick-up campaign, you are looking for equipment and supplies for your team to use at your workplace or you have other needs for litter pick-up products, whyimage3Arcmate is the trusted brand to turn to. Arcmate is a leader in the industry and carries an extensive range of products that include everything from grabbers and reachers to safety equipment, bag holders and more. You can find everything you need for your efforts through Arcmate. However, there are more reasons than this to choose Arcmate for your needs.

Affordable Prices
While you may want to beautify the environment in your local community with a special clean-up campaign, keep your facility clean or accomplish other goals, you likely need to purchase all of your supplies and equipment on a budget. While some of the competitors have rather high prices for their products, you will love how affordable our prices are. This makes it easier for you to invest in the right equipment that you need to get the job done.

230LOKnewComboSealSuperior Quality
While Arcmate is known for having affordable prices, you never have to worry about quality when you make your purchases through our company. All of our products are designed to last through extensive use. In fact, our blue handle EZ-reacher even comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. This means that this is the only reacher you will ever have to purchase.

Great Customer Service
Cost and quality may be at the top of your mind when you are in the market to purchase grabbers, reachers or any other type of related supplies and equipment, but you can also expect to receive friendly, personalized attention from our hardworking team of professionals. We want to be your only source that you rely on for all of your litter pick-up supplies and equipment needs, and we will take the time to answer all of your questions about our products as well as to handle any issues that you may have after your purchase.

Picking up litter is something that must be done in order to keep your environment clean, sanitary and beautiful, and having the right equipment and supplies for the job can make this process faster and easier to complete. When you are ready to make your purchase, Arcmate is the company to turn to. With our full range of quality products available at reasonable prices as well as our devotion to customer service, you will love your experience with Arcmate.


How to form a Litter pick up organization

If you are ready to make a difference in your community and to work on a project that you can feel good about, you may be interested in starting a litter pick-up organization. Trash and litter are unfortunately common problems in many areas of the world, and while many people want to do something about this problem, they may not know which organization to join to make a difference. Your organization can organize volunteer efforts, improve the environment and beautify your community.

File the Paperwork
The first step to take when forming a litter pick-up organization is to create the organization legally. You can work with a lawyer to create the by-laws and other required legal documents and to file them with the state. You will also need to request a tax ID number for financial purposes. In addition, you can open a business bank account and take other necessary steps to lay the infrastructure for your organization.

Set Up Your Organization
After these steps have been completed, you will be ready to actually set up the organization. This may include everything from developing a website and creating a presence on various social media sites to recruiting volunteers, securing office space and more. This is a step that transforms your organization from simply being on paper into a truly functional, working organization. It also can make your organization more visible to the public.

Plan Your First Event
Once you have set up your organization, you can start planning your first event. You can recruit volunteers and announce the event in various ways to drum up interest. This may be by raising awareness on social media sites, placing posters in strategic locations and more. You can also invest in equipment and supplies that your volunteers can use on the first day of the event. After your event, document how much trash you picked up on social media or by contacting local news agencies. Before and after pictures work well for marketing. This can help you to raise even more awareness for future events.

You can make a big difference in your community by starting a litter pick-up organization. It can take some effort to set up the organization, but you will love the end result after hosting your first event. More than that, you and your team of volunteers can continue to feel great with each event you host in the future.

Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade

Are you tired of constantly dealing with litter cluttering up your yard? Maybe you organized a community group that goes around your city or neighborhood and helps clean up some of the garbage that litter bugs leave behind. Regardless of how, where you why you clean up, you need the right tools at your disposal. A stick with a sharp piece at the end is what most people use to pick up paper and other types of garbage, but those sticks are potentially dangerous and can actually cut or slice you. Instead of relying on the same old tools you did in the past, check out the best tools of the trade for you and your group.

Trash Bags and Boxestrashbags-1-1538075-639x852

While you probably already know that you need garbage bags and have a few standing by, you may not know that there are larger bags available. Designed for lawn trash, these larger bags are great for lightweight items like newspapers and old leaves. You may want to invest in some contractor bags too, which are the same bags that contractors use to dispose of trash on construction sites. Using cardboard boxes can help as well. Use those boxes to transport heavier or larger items you find when cleaning up around town.


Reaching tools like the EZ Reacher Deluxe are one of the best tools for those hoping to clean up after their homes or cities. One end of the reaching tools consists of a small claw, and the other end has durable grips you hold onto. When you squeeze the end or apply pressure, it causes the claw to open or close. This lets you grab onto items and debris you don’t want to touch with your own hands and get it into one of your garbage bags. Reaching tools come in different sizes to handle different types of jobs.

safety-glasses-1317400-639x569Safety Equipment

No one wants to see anyone injured on the job. That is why you want to invest in some safety equipment for both yourself and any volunteers helping you on the project. Thick gloves reduce your risk of coming into contact with toxic substances and keeps your hands safe from sharp objects. If you spend time working on the side of the road or near a busy road, invest in some safety vests that alert others of your presence. The right tools and gear lets you clean up safely and quickly.