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3 Reasons to choose Arcmate

  3 reasons to choose Arcmate Whether you are planning a litter pick-up campaign, you are looking for equipment and supplies for your team to use at your workplace or you have other needs for litter pick-up products, Arcmate is the trusted brand to turn to. Arcmate is a leader in the industry and carries […]

How to form a Litter pick up organization If you are ready to make a difference in your community and to work on a project that you can feel good about, you may be interested in starting a litter pick-up organization. Trash and litter are unfortunately common problems in many areas of the world, and […]

Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade Are you tired of constantly dealing with litter cluttering up your yard? Maybe you organized a community group that goes around your city or neighborhood and helps clean up some of the garbage that litter bugs leave behind. Regardless of how, where you why you clean up, you need the right […]

Keeping your grounds clean

There are few things that can make your property look more messy and unkempt than trash littering the yard or grounds. Litter pick up is necessary from time to time, and equipment like reachers and grabbers can make this chore easier for you to complete. However, you may also be looking for other effective ways […]

What Your Community Needs to Know About Litter Litter is Dangerous The community you live in may not have a concern about litter, but it is a serious problem worldwide. While most individuals say they do not leave litter on the ground or in the water, a recent survey revealed that approximately 75 percent of […]