Monthly Archives: October 2015

If your occupation is janitor work, you know how important it is to protect your back muscles by being able to reach for, grab strongly, and pick up litter and other objects with helpful tools such as janitors reachers & grabbers. There is an excellent selection of such products available to make your job much […]

There are many instances when you must reach up high, down low or even far in front of you to access different items. While some stretching may feel good on your muscles, too much stretching and straining can cause aches and pains or worse. In some cases, items may even be too far out of […]

Keeping your grounds clean is often more work than it seems. It can be time-consuming and exhausting to manually pick up all of the litter that people may drop onto the property or that may blow into your space. Reachers and grabbers provide you and your staff members with a faster, easier way to keep […]