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Keeping your grounds clean

Posted by Marketing Dept. on Sep 18, 2015 2:15:14 PM

There are few things that can make your property look more messy and unkempt than trash littering the yard or grounds. Litter pick up is necessary from time to time, and equipment like reachers and grabbers can make this chore easier for you to complete. However, you may also be looking for other effective ways to keep your grounds clean and tidy. These are some tips that can reduce your litter pick up efforts.

Post Signs in Visible Areas
In commercial and public areas, you can post signs about littering in visible areas for others to see. A simple reminder about disposing of waste properly and keeping the area neat and tidy can reduce the amount of time you and your team need to use reachers and grabbers for litter pick up tasks.

Use Fencing and Landscaping Strategically
While some trash may fall onto your grounds due to customers or employees littering, other trash may blow into the area from nearby properties. By adding a perimeter around your grounds, you can reduce the amount of trash that needs to be picked up with reachers and grabbers. For example, you can install a decorative fence or landscaping features like a hedge row to block the trash.

Install Trash Receptacle
People will be more likely to litter when they do not see a trash receptacle nearby. Because of this, installing trash cans and waste bins in the parking lot, on walk ways or near the front entryway can reduce the amount of litter pick up that you need to do.

Use Newsletters Strategically
Newsletters can be used strategically by adding smaller ads or even by writing articles. For example, you can announce a litter pick up initiative and can request volunteers to use reachers and grabbers. You can also add tips for others to follow to help you keep the grounds clean. When you see people making an effort to clean or when others have volunteered their time for a litter pick up initiative with reachers and grabbers, write pieces that acknowledge their efforts and that spotlight their great attitude.

Trash is something that is unfortunately a part of life, and it can be frustrating to deal with this problem regularly. Even with reachers and grabbers, litter pick up can take a lot of time and effort, and it may seem like the task is never fully done. These tips may help you to improve the cleanliness of your grounds and keep your clean up tasks to a minimum.

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