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Tools of the trade

Posted by Marketing Dept. on Sep 23, 2015 2:18:17 AM

Tools of the trade

Are you tired of constantly dealing with litter cluttering up your yard? Maybe you organized a community group that goes around your city or neighborhood and helps clean up some of the garbage that litter bugs leave behind. Regardless of how, where you why you clean up, you need the right tools at your disposal. Read more...

A stick with a sharp piece at the end is what most people use to pick up paper and other types of garbage, but those sticks are potentially dangerous and can actually cut or slice you. Instead of relying on the same old tools you did in the past, check out the best tools of the trade for you and your group.

Trash Bags and Boxestrashbags-1-1538075-639x852

While you probably already know that you need garbage bags and have a few standing by, you may not know that there are larger bags available. Designed for lawn trash, these larger bags are great for lightweight items like newspapers and old leaves. You may want to invest in some contractor bags too, which are the same bags that contractors use to dispose of trash on construction sites. Using cardboard boxes can help as well. Use those boxes to transport heavier or larger items you find when cleaning up around town.


Reaching tools like the EZ Reacher Outdoor Standard are one of the best tools for those hoping to clean up after their homes or cities. One end of the reaching tools consists of a small claw, and the other end has durable grips you hold onto. When you squeeze the end or apply pressure, it causes the claw to open or close. This lets you grab onto items and debris you don't want to touch with your own hands and get it into one of your garbage bags. Reaching tools come in different sizes to handle different types of jobs.

safety-glasses-1317400-639x569Safety Equipment

No one wants to see anyone injured on the job. That is why you want to invest in some safety equipment for both yourself and any volunteers helping you on the project. Thick gloves reduce your risk of coming into contact with toxic substances and keeps your hands safe from sharp objects. If you spend time working on the side of the road or near a busy road, invest in some safety vests that alert others of your presence. The right tools and gear lets you clean up safely and quickly.

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