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Reachers and Grabbers: 6 Household Uses

ArcMate Manufacturing Corporation located in Escondido, Calif., sells a variety of reachers & grabbers that are fantastic tools to have in a home.

One: To reach items on top shelves inside kitchen cupboards

If you are too short to reach cans of soup on a top shelf in a kitchen, then it is time to buy a grabbing tool. Climbing on a rickety chair or tall ladder to retrieve items on top shelves inside cupboards can lead to falls that break hip bones, but a reaching tool with a gripping claw makes it easy to pick up an item.

Two: Cleaning difficult to reach surfaces

When you want to clean the blades on a ceiling fan or the tops of doorway frames, you can benefit from using a reaching tool that holds a dusting cloth. This method of cleaning is faster than climbing up a ladder and prevents dangerous falls.

Three: Picking up Items that are located underneath bathroom sinks

To prevent straining your back muscles, use a grabbing tool to reach to the back of a bathroom storage cabinet that is located underneath a sink. You don’t have to worry about bumping your head or scratching your arms with a simple to use reaching tool.

Four: Reaching beneath a dining room table

If you have ever dropped a fork underneath a dining room table, then you know it always rolls toward the middle. The only way to retrieve the eating utensil is by getting on your hands and knees to reach the item. A less embarrassing alternative is using a reaching tool that has a magnetic tip to grab the fork quickly.

Five: Helping with getting dressed

When you have problems getting dressed due to bending over or lifting things, an essential way to remain independent is by owning reachers & grabbers. There are many styles of grabbing tools available to help pull up slacks or to put on shoes.

Six: Grabbing a fly on the wall or ceiling

If you have ever had a pesky fly in your home that was impossible to swat on the wall or ceiling, then a reaching tool is a great alternaitve. Creep up on the insect from behind and gotcha! Also, if you do swat one dead and it drops to the floor or window sill you can clean up and dump in the trash without touching it or straining your back..