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Small Measures Equal Big Safety Improvements.

Posted by Marketing Dept. on Aug 10, 2015 9:36:42 AM

Small Measures Equal Big Safety Improvements.

Often some of the biggest safety blunders we make are the result of failing to take simple, small steps to eliminate risks and reduce precarious situations. It's not an uncommon thing for us to do. Let's face it; part of what makes us human is the fact that sometimes we aren't as careful as we should be. Thankfully there are little, easy steps to help us avoid a misstep. Listed below are just a few suggestions to keep us a bit safer. Let's find out more...

Falling risks: As kids, we probably all stacked the kitchen chairs, one on top of the other in order to get up to the cereal cupboard and find that box with the toy inside. Sadly, it probably ended in the same result. While we no longer need to harness the power of juvenile structural engineering in our kitchens to get what we want, there are still those occasions where we just can't reach. Rather than attempting the ol' chair stack, try using your ArcMate to reach those bits of Tupperware on the top shelf. This way, you avoid the risk of falling off of a motely stack of chairs or boxes.

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Dark crevices risk: Anyone who owns a garage or has a shed in the backyard knows that strange things can accumulate in the dark corners behind your stuff. Reaching into a dark crevice to retrieve a stored item can be a spooky undertaking. Nothing quite like feeling the soft fur of a mouse or rat under the fingertips, or to discover too late that a large spider has taken up residence there and you've just disturbed it. This would be a job better suited to your ArcMate.

Unsanitary substance risks: Often, places such as bathrooms and kitchens can harbor filth and junk that contains viruses and bacteria. If you've ever had the not-so-charming task of having to clean up a burst garbage bag, you know that there are just some things you don't want to put your hands on. Often, cleaning around the toilet and garbage can harbor germs that can make you ill. Times like these, maybe a tool for the job would be better.

We can't always avoid some risks, but others, through a little ingenuity, can be avoided. Tools such as your ArcMate can help you be more productive and safer.

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