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Reachers & Grabbers and janitorial service

Avoid Back Injuries

If you are a janitor or operate a janitorial service with employees, then finding ways to complete tasks faster is essential. Reachers & grabbers are useful tools for janitors who want to avoid bending over or reaching up constantly. Repetitively reaching and bending can lead to back injuries and muscle sprains in the shoulders or arms. You can make janitorial work easier by ordering reaching and grabbing tools from ArcMate located in Escondido, Calif. With great illustrations and full descriptions of products, you can find the reaching or grabbing tool that meets your specific needs.

Reasons to Buy Reachers & Grabbers

One: Picking Up Trash

The safest way for janitors to pick up debris from the exterior and interior of a building is with a claw grip grabber. Not only does this tool help to prevent stress on the back and hips because the janitor does not need to bend over constantly, but it is faster and more sanitary. A janitor does not need to touch the garbage or trash with their hands but can place the item into a trash bag.

Two: Reaching for Cleansers

Keeping cleansers at a high level out of the reach of children and pets is vital but requires a janitor to climb on a ladder or chair to get the item. ArcMate grabbers make it easy to grip a bottle of cleanser that is on a top shelf of a cabinet without the danger of climbing on chairs and ladders. A grabber is also useful for picking up bottles of cleansers from the back of cabinets located underneath sinks to avoid bending over frequently and overextending the muscles in the back.

Three: Cleaning Difficult to Reach Objects

Reachers are the perfect tool to dust ceiling fans or the top of door frames. Janitors can use a grabbing tool to hold a damp cleaning cloth to dust wall ledges or baseboards efficiently rather than needing to sit on the floor, bend over or stretch to reach the objects. Cleaning with reachers means that janitors can complete their job faster, leading to a reduced cost for hourly wages.

Types of Grabbing and Reaching Tools

ArcMate has a large assortment of reachers & grabbers, including:

  • Telescoping
  • Locking
  • Flexible grip
  • Claw grip
  • Heavy-duty
  • Folding
  • Extra long - up to 12 feet

A grabbing and reaching tool for a janitorial service is an affordable tool to order to make cleaning tasks easier for janitors. Click here to see them.