Keeping your grounds clean

There are few things that can make your property look more messy and unkempt than trash littering the yard or grounds. Litter pick up is necessary from time to time, and equipment like reachers and grabbers can make this chore easier for you to complete. However, you may also be looking for other effective ways to keep your grounds clean and tidy. These are some tips that can reduce your litter pick up efforts.

Post Signs in Visible Areas
In commercial and public areas, you can post signs about littering in visible areas for others to see. A simple reminder about disposing of waste properly and keeping the area neat and tidy can reduce the amount of time you and your team need to use reachers and grabbers for litter pick up tasks.

Use Fencing and Landscaping Strategically
While some trash may fall onto your grounds due to customers or employees littering, other trash may blow into the area from nearby properties. By adding a perimeter around your grounds, you can reduce the amount of trash that needs to be picked up with reachers and grabbers. For example, you can install a decorative fence or landscaping features like a hedge row to block the trash.

Install Trash Receptacle
People will be more likely to litter when they do not see a trash receptacle nearby. Because of this, installing trash cans and waste bins in the parking lot, on walk ways or near the front entryway can reduce the amount of litter pick up that you need to do.

Use Newsletters Strategically
Newsletters can be used strategically by adding smaller ads or even by writing articles. For example, you can announce a litter pick up initiative and can request volunteers to use reachers and grabbers. You can also add tips for others to follow to help you keep the grounds clean. When you see people making an effort to clean or when others have volunteered their time for a litter pick up initiative with reachers and grabbers, write pieces that acknowledge their efforts and that spotlight their great attitude.

Trash is something that is unfortunately a part of life, and it can be frustrating to deal with this problem regularly. Even with reachers and grabbers, litter pick up can take a lot of time and effort, and it may seem like the task is never fully done. These tips may help you to improve the cleanliness of your grounds and keep your clean up tasks to a minimum.

What Your Community

What Your Community Needs to Know About Litter

Litter is Dangerous

The community you live in may not have a concern about litter, but it is a serious problem worldwide. While most individuals say they do not leave litter on the ground or in the water, a recent survey revealed that approximately 75 percent of them have tossed trash outside at least once in the last five years. Unfortunately, one of the most common items tossed on the ground is cigarette butts that can contaminate water and soil in addition to starting a fire. Litter is dangerous because tossed trash degrades to leach chemicals into ground soil and water systems.

Floating Garbage Islands

You might think that people would respect the ocean because it is a beautiful ecosystem, but researchers estimate that nine billion tons of trash is dumped in oceans each year. The trash that doesn’t dissolve is trapped in ocean currents and collects in certain locations referred to as garbage patches. These patches are changing oceans drastically, leading to injuries for marine life and destroying marine plants. The submerged patches or floating garbage islands also cause problems for boats.

Trash Enters Waterways

Despite many towns and cities having laws against littering in public places such as highways and parks, most individuals continue to dump trash rather than bag it securely for collection. There are geographic regions that enforce littering laws by issuing citations or financial fines, but people continue to throw soft drink cans or fast-food wrappers on the ground instead of finding a trash can. Litter left on the ground is unsightly and washes into storm water systems before traveling to major waterways such as rivers.

Vehicle Tire Dumping

Scientists believe that trash such as plastic, Styrofoam and glass will not degrade for a million years, and trash that does dissolve leaves dangerous chemicals in the water and soil. The trash that begins to degrade is known as sludge and is considered toxic and hazardous waste. Small items such as beverage bottles, cardboard boxes and food cans are not the only waste left in public places as litter because vehicle tires are frequently found on beaches.

Educate the Public

To reduce the amount of trash in your community, it is essential to educate the public about the dangers of littering. When communities provide more trash cans along city sidewalks or in parks, people are more likely to dispose of beverage and food containers responsibly. LItter Image

Small Measures Equal Big Safety Improvements.

Often some of the biggest safety blunders we make are the result of failing to take simple, small steps to eliminate risks and reduce precarious situations. It’s not an uncommon thing for us to do. Let’s face it; part of what makes us human is the fact that sometimes we aren’t as careful as we should be. Thankfully there are little, easy steps to help us avoid a misstep. Listed below are just a few suggestions to keep us a bit safer.

Falling risks: As kids, we probably all stacked the kitchen chairs, one on top of the other in order to get up to the cereal cupboard and find that box with the toy inside. Sadly, it probably ended in the same result. While we no longer need to harness the power of juvenile structural engineering in our kitchens to get what we want, there are still those occasions where we just can’t reach. Rather than attempting the ol’ chair stack, try using your Arcmate to reach those bits of Tupperware on the top shelf. This way, you avoid the risk of falling off of a motely stack of chairs or boxes.
Arcmate graphic for blog post

Dark crevices risk: Anyone who owns a garage or has a shed in the backyard knows that strange things can accumulate in the dark corners behind your stuff. Reaching into a dark crevice to retrieve a stored item can be a spooky undertaking. Nothing quite like feeling the soft fur of a mouse or rat under the fingertips, or to discover too late that a large spider has taken up residence there and you’ve just disturbed it. This would be a job better suited to your Arcmate.

Unsanitary substance risks: Often, places such as bathrooms and kitchens can harbor filth and junk that contains viruses and bacteria. If you’ve ever had the not-so-charming task of having to clean up a burst garbage bag, you know that there are just some things you don’t want to put your hands on. Often, cleaning around the toilet and garbage can harbor germs that can make you ill. Times like these, maybe a tool for the job would be better.
We can’t always avoid some risks, but others, through a little ingenuity, can be avoided. Tools such as your Arcmate can help you be more productive and safer.

Litter pick up

Importance of Community Involvement

If you are complaining constantly about trash on the ground and in parking lots, arrange a community cleanup. Walk around your neighborhood to recruit others to create a plan concerning removing unsightly trash. Make posters to advertise your community cleanup day and goals. Create colorful posters to place in public places such as grocery stores and libraries that state the day and time arranged for the community event. Just about anyone can get involved in the cleanup with simple to use trash grabbers that will keep debris away from their hands. Also known as reachers and grabbers, these devices are found at online stores.

Avoid Back Strain and Germs

Specialty trash grabbers make it possible to pick up soft drink cans and fast-food wrappers without needing to bend over. One of the main reasons no one wants to participate in a community cleanup day is because they want to avoid muscle sprains in the back. Another reason you might avoid picking up debris is due to touching garbage that is infested with germs or insects. Grabbers and reachers ar

e designed with buttons or levers that make collecting debris fun and easy.

Make Your Neighborhood Beautiful

the San Antonio riverwalk and its many colorful sites

You might think it is expensive to buy trash grabbers, but discounts are often available on as little as six grabbers. Many of the individuals participating in your litter pick up day might want to buy one to use at home while cleaning their own lawns. A community cleanup is fun for everyone because it gets people outside and is an excellent way to socialize. The most important thing is that the litter cleanup

day makes roadsides, parking lots and parks more beautiful. The trash that would have degraded into ground soil and water is collected and placed in trash bags for disposal instead.

Protect Wildlife with Litter Cleanup

During a litter pick up day, it is a good idea to teach the public about the hazards of pollution. Not only does picking up trash from outdoor areas make places more attractive, but it helps to prevent dangers to wildlife caught in pieces of plastic that cause strangulation or consuming disposed chemicals that are poisonous. Make your litter pick up day memorable by designing fun T-shirts for everyone to wear. Choose a bright color that is easy to see from faraway while people are using their grabbers and reachers to pick up litter.

How to recruit people to your cause.

One of the best ways to give back to your community is with a litter pick up campaign. Imagine seeing dozens of volunteers working together to pick up trash on the side of the road. Most cities and nearly every state has an Adopt-A-Highway or Adopt-A-Road program that allows individuals and groups adopt a highway or a public street. These programs usually offer some supplies to help your volunteers. Cities and state program coordinators will lend your volunteers safety vests and gloves. Trash bags are always provided. The better funded programs also offer trash grabbers, hardhats, and safety glasses.  After a clean-up inform your coordinator and the city or state will arrange to pick-up the bags of trash you left along the road. What people like is that the state or city will recognize your group with a roadside sign. Your group is then responsible for cleaning that section of road every month to once a quarter and keeping it free from litter and garbage. Using the right methods to recruit help can raise awareness of your project and get even more people involved.

Group of college students with laptop computer

Getting Help

Long before you start looking for tools and equipment, you need to know where to turn to get help for your clean up project. If you are part of a group or organization, turn to those you know for help. You can hang posters around your school, host after school meetings for those interested in helping and find other ways to recruit helpers. Depending on your budget, you might run a commercial on the radio or television. Make sure you contact the local newspapers too. Even a small amount of publicity can bring attention and raise awareness of your cause.

Seek Donations

As much as you might like the idea of seeing people you know walking the streets and picking up trash with grabbers and reachers, you shouldn’t expect to pay for all the tools you need out of your own pocket. Companies that have less funds available may agree to donate reachers and other supplies.

Community Events

Make sure your litter pick up awareness campaign goes off without a hitch with several community events and meetings that you and your group host. Use these meetings to explain why you want to pick up garbage, what you need in terms of donations and how volunteers can sign up or learn more. Community meetings are a great way to recruit people who might already have grabbers and reachers that they used in similar events in the past. Hanging posters about the meetings on city streets, in community centers and other public spaces is a great way to get the attention of those who want to help.

School Spirit

education, technology and internet - students looking at smartphones and tablet pc

School Spirit

The way you feel about your school has a lot to do with how the campus looks, but the way the campus looks also has an impact on the way others feel about your school. How would you feel if you visited a campus with litter and trash all over the ground and graffiti covering lockers? It might make you think twice about spending any time there and make you wonder if you remembered to lock your car doors. Cleaning up your campus can also foster school spirit and work well as part of a spirit week or homecoming week. You can plan something as simple as a litter clean up day or something a little more elaborate.

Cleaning Your Campus

Before you can start cleaning up your campus, you need to give some thought to what you hope to achieve. Do you want students to take pride in their work and keep cleaning up every day? If so, you want to install in students a sense of pride in the community. Explain that making the campus look good reflects better on students and shows the community at large that they care about the school. While planning a litter pick up day might get rid of some trash, it’s likely that the problem will return unless students commit to keeping the campus clean.

Provide Students With Tools

You can’t expect students to clean up the school campus without giving them the right equipment first. Reachers and grabbers are two of the best tools for the job. Grabbers typically have some type of claw or grasping tool at the end that wraps around larger or heavier objects. Reachers have telescoping handles or handles that extend to reach items further away. Other types of tools look like sticks with a sharp end that lets students pick up trash without getting their hands dirty. Make sure that you provide students with plenty of trash bags and gloves too.

Recycling Programs

While instituting a litter pick up day or event, you might want to think about adding a recycling program too. Placing brightly colored bins around campus shows students where they can place their old papers, water bottles and soda cans. This encourages students to recycle things they might otherwise throw away and reminds them that there are alternatives to littering. The harder students work together to clean up their campus, the more they’ll feel a sense of pride in that campus.

Give Back by Clearing Roads of Litterlitter pickup
Giving back to your community isn’t always an easy task. In some towns, everything that needs to be done may have already been completed. This may seem discouraging at first; however, it is important to remember that road side litter pick up is a service that is always needed. When you volunteer for road side litter pick up, you will always find an area to clean.

Get a Sense of Accomplishment

Cleaning isn’t always am easy task. Just because you have your grabbing tool and a trash bag doesn’t mean you will get the job done effortlessly. Grabber tool. Litter Pick Up Tool is only as productive as the person using it.

As you pick up each piece of litter, you may feel bored or tired. Use the litter pick up tool to not only speed up the process, but reduce stress on your body as well. Bending over repeatedly, even to pick up something light weight, can add unwanted stress to your back and arms. The grabbing tool makes it so that you can stand upright the entire time. Because you will be standing and walking, rather than bending over, you will also be able to easily see the progress that you have made. This can be very encouraging and can help motivate you to continue the job.
Keeping America’s Roads Clean

Road side litter pick up is a great way to build your community up. Travelers will see that your roads are clean and get a better impression of your city. Those living in the area will also take notice of the improved road conditions and feel a sense of pride.

Keeping America’s roads clean with the help of a Grabber Tool. Litter Pick Up can be a difficult task, but it is well worth it. You will feel good about yourself and your community once you have cleaned an area. This makes road side pick up one of the most rewarding volunteer efforts that don’t require professional training.
Invest in a litter pick up tool and start making your town more beautiful. You will be surprised by how good those around you will feel.